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Chubasco (Víctor Vélez)

He was born on February 6, 1972 in Mexico City.

He is a professional cartoonist and visual artist, from the early age of 16 he began publishing in "El Universal", one of Mexico's leading newspapers. Throughout his career, he has also collaborated in important media such as "El Economista", "La Jornada" and "Reforma".
He has also participated in magazines such as "Siempre", "Expansión", "Life & Style", "Chilango", "Quo", "Esquire" and "Gente".

He has been a contributor for the French magazine "Courrier Journal", a subsidiary of the newspaper "Le Monde" and has been a cartoonist for "CartonClub" and "Vj Movements Cartonista".

Chubasco has also been involved in the process of organizing, coordinating and curating exhibitions of famous Mexican cartoonists such as Abel Quezada, Manuel Ahumada and Ernesto "el Chango" Cabral.


He has also been a juror in important events such as the Havana Biennial in April 2015.

Currently, Chubasco is an active member of the National System of Art Creators in Mexico.



Among the national and international recognitions Chubasco has received are:

Award for Inventiveness for the illustrations of the Comic Strip "Diary of a schizophrenic" (SKC, Belgrade, 2017).
- 1st place in Gráfica Humor a Gallarate (Italy, 2016);
- Honorable mention at the 18th Mercosur International Cartoon Contest. (Argentina. 2013);
- Honorable mention at the World Press Cartoon (Sintra, Portugal. 2013);
- 3rd Place in the Special Cartoon Award "José́ Saramago" at the XV Porto Cartoon Word Festival (Porto, Portugal. 2013);
- 1st Prize in Personal Caricature "Joaquín Sabina";
- Honorable mention in Humorous Cartoon for "Glotón".
- Honorable mention for "Resistente y resistencia";
- Tomy Award, at the XVIII Biennial of Graphic Humor. San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba, 2013);
- Honorable mention at the First International Cartoon Festival Oil Products Distribution Company (Iran, 2012);

- Honorable mention in the "Ranan Lurie" Political Cartoon Award 2011 by the United Nations Organization, UN;
- Honorable mention in the Political Cartoon Award (New York. 2011);
- Participation in the XVII Biennial of Journalism. San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba. 2011);
- Participation in Humor Gallarete Marco Biassonni. Grand Prix (Le Estelle, Italy, 2009);
- Honorable Mention at the XI Biennial Humor Cartoonist (Beijing, China. (2008);
- 2nd Place in Editorial Cartoon at the World Press Cartoon (Sintra, Portugal, 2007);
- National Journalism Award for "pages." (Mexico. 1997);
- Youth Performance Award (Mexico, 1995), among others.


As a result of his prolific career as a cartoonist, he has participated in the creation of the book "Corrupcionario Mexicano" (ed. Grijalbo) and has illustrated books such as:

"Cortando Rábanos" (Coedition with the Secretaría de Cultura de San Luis Potosí, Ediciones del Lirio and the Museo de Arte Popular); "El circo" (Ed. Artes de México); "Animalitos endemoniados en la tierra de los hñähñu" (Ed. Artes de México); "Jacinto Pérez, cazador de imágenes de la Revolución Mexicana" (Ed. Artes de México); "El regalo de Elías" (Ed. Artes de México) and "Cartmoons" with the trajectory of his work (Ed. Cartoon Ark, Greece).

Among the exhibitions he has done, is "Estado Civil: Humorista" (Centro Cultural Del México Contemporáneo May 2016) "El ataque de los hombres verdes" (Caricature by Abel Quezada) and "CartonClub" (August-September 2015 at the Museum of Mexico City); "Abel Quezada" (Mexico City Museum, 2016), "Cobarruvias", "Arias Bernal", "Chango Cabral", "Manuel Ahumada"; all in collaboration with CartoonClub (Claustro de Sor Juana, 2016) "Solo exhibition at the Museum of Humor" (San Antonio de los Baños,
Cuba, April 2015); "Retrospectiva" (Metro Pino Suárez; 400 cartons. Beganic Galerie); "Víctor Vélez" at the Galería Regia in Monterrey and "Chubasco" at the Cervantes forum in Mexico City.


He has also collaborated in projects with important companies such as Coca-Cola and has taught caricature and watercolor workshops in Colombia (Bogota, Medellin, Cali) and Mexico (Oaxaca, Zacatecas, Saltillo). He is a very versatile visual artist, mastering traditional techniques such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, Chinese ink and graphite, as well as digital techniques.